Browder vs Gayle Court Case Facts

Plantiff Claudette Colvin
One of the plantiffs, Claudette Colvin

Browder vs Gayle Introduction

Browder vs Gayle was a very important court case in black history. After the arrest of Rosa Parks on December 1st of 1955 and the beginning of the Montgomery Bus Boycott which ensued black civil rights leaders were looking for a case that would end racial segregation on buses and set a precedent that the separate but equal doctrine was discriminatory. Browder vs Gayle was this case. On this page is a list of interesting facts about this important court case. Information on this page includes why this case was important, who won the case, and how the decision in Browder vs Gayle effected black history. This information is written in a format that should be useful for kids writing Black History Month reports.

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Browder vs Gayle Court Case Interesting Facts