Underground Railroad Facts

Painting of a slaves escaping at night
Slaves Escaping on the Underground Railroad

Underground Railroad Introduction

The Underground Railroad was a term used for a system of routes and hideouts used by black slaves, in the 1800s, to escape slavery in the southern United States. It also refers to the people who helped escaped slaves along these routes. These routes were neither underground or involved railroads. Why was the Underground Railroad called the Underground Railroad; the answer lies in the fact that "underground" represents its secrecy and "railroad" represents a mode of transportation, the transport of slaves to freedom.

On this page is a list of interesting facts about the Underground Railroad. Information on this page includes how many slaves escaped along this secret route, who the important people of the Underground Railroad were, and where the Underground Railroad was located. This information will hopefully serve as a great resource for kids writing Black History Month reports.

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Interesting Underground Railroad Facts